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Engli.ID – Word of the day: Ponder

Arti kata Ponder

Ponde artinya merenung. Tindakan memikirkan sesuatu secara mendalam dan hati-hati. Ini melibatkan kontemplasi yang serius dan pemikiran yang mendalam terhadap suatu konsep atau situasi.

Ketika seseorang merenung, mereka cenderung mempertimbangkan berbagai aspek dan implikasi dari masalah atau ide.

Merenung bisa menjadi cara yang bermanfaat untuk mendapatkan wawasan lebih dalam atau mengambil keputusan bijaksana.

Contohnya, merenungkan arti suatu puisi bisa membantu kita memahami pesan yang lebih dalam yang ingin disampaikan oleh penyair.

Synonyms: Contemplate, meditate, reflect
Antonyms: Disregard, ignore, neglect

Contoh kata ponder dalam kalimat

  • He would often sit by the window and ponder the mysteries of the universe.
  • As the rain fell outside, she began to ponder the meaning of true friendship.
  • Pondering the consequences of his decision, he realized the importance of careful choices.
  • In moments of solitude, he would ponder the beauty of nature and its intricate design.
  • She would often ponder the complexities of human emotions and relationships.
  • While gazing at the stars, he would ponder the vastness of space and his place in it.
  • Pondering the philosophical questions of life, he sought deeper understanding.
  • The ancient philosophers would gather to ponder the nature of existence and reality.
  • After reading the thought-provoking book, she spent hours pondering its implications.
  • Taking a walk in the park allowed her to ponder life’s questions in a peaceful setting.

Quiz untuk kata ponder

What does “ponder” mean?

  • a) To ignore
  • b) To contemplate deeply
  • c) To forget
  • d) To run quickly

Trivia: The word “ponder” comes from the Latin word “ponderare,” which means “to weigh.” It implies a careful consideration and examination of ideas.

Quote: “The more I ponder, the more certain I am that extreme fluctuations in fortune and intense feelings are the motives of man’s best efforts.” – Charles Darwin

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